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Following the spread of Coronavirus/Covid-19 I thought that it was an appropriate time to review and put my affairs in order.

For several months I had considered making amendments to my Will to reflect my current business and family situation. I realised it was important for the protection of my business and family that my Will was updated and reflected my current wishes. If you have been putting off making a Will or amendments to your existing arrangements then now is the time to do something about it.

Everyone should also consider making a Lasting Power of Attorney to deal with their property and affairs in the event of them being incapacitated. In these difficult times that would certainly assist your family in looking after you and your finances should problems arise.

I believe that people with business interests should also consider making a specific Power of Attorney in respect of their business interests. This would mean appointing people in your management team or your professional advisers to act on your behalf in managing and running the business if you were unable to do so yourself. Hopefully these documents will never need to be used but having the protection in place does give you peace of mind and assurances to all of those people close to you.

If you would like advice and guidance on any of the matters referred to in this article then please contact either c.spooner@alansimpson.com or a.simpson@alansimpson.com or call 01268 745406.

Alan Simpson - Principal

Wills & Probate Department

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